Should I Sell My Car On An Auction Site?

Written by Danny Collins
Last updated: September 21, 2023

A lot of people choose to sell their car on an auction site to get rid of it quickly and for a good price. But, there are some things you need to keep in mind before you put your car up for sale at an auction…

Here are five tips to help you sell your car successfully on an auction site:

1. Research the Market

Selling a car on an auction site can be a great way to get a good price, as long as you do your research first. Knowing the market value of the car and being familiar with the auction site’s rules and processes is essential for making sure that you get an equitable deal.

Market Value: First, it’s important to know what your car is worth in the current market. You can do this out online, or you may even want to consult a local dealer who specialises in selling cars. Make sure to have your vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic, as this will help you determine if there are any major problems that need to be addressed before listing it for sale. A car check will also be able to provide information that can help with your resale valuation. 

Research Auction Sites: Once you know what your car is worth and what condition it’s in, it’s time to begin researching auction sites. Look for ones that specialise in selling cars, as opposed to general auction sites.

Read through the terms and conditions carefully so that you understand how fees are structured and decide whether or not the deposit required upfront is reasonable. Check out reviews from other users of these services – this will provide valuable insight into how reliable they are when it comes to actually delivering sales results.

Get Familiar With Their Payment Systems: Make sure that you understand how payment works on your chosen auction site. Most of them will require payment via cashier’s check or money order before delivery takes place – make sure you factor this into your budget when deciding whether or not to sell on an auction site

Doing research ahead of time can save you lots of stress during the sales process – taking the time now will pay off later! With a little bit of knowledge about pricing trends and awareness of how auction sites operate, you can confidently decide whether or not selling on an auction site is right for you.

2. Get Your Car Ready


It’s important to make sure that your car looks as good as possible before putting it up for sale. Preparing your car for sale includes making sure it’s detailed, cleaned, and serviced to ensure that potential buyers have a positive first impression of the car.

Clean, Clean, Clean: To get your car ready, the first step is to clean both the exterior and interior of the vehicle thoroughly. This means giving the paint a good waxing to enhance its shine and making sure any dents or scratches are taken care of. If there are any small dings or dents, especially in hard-to-reach places like wheel rims, you may need to take it to a professional auto body shop.

Inside the vehicle, use cleaning products made specifically for cars such as glass cleaners and upholstery cleaners to get rid of dust and dirt buildup on surfaces such as windows and seats. Pay special attention to all surfaces including air vents, cup holders, door handles, and dashboard controls – all areas should be spotless before showing off the car.

Servicing: Servicing is another important factor when preparing a car for sale. New buyers will want assurance that their prospective purchase runs well so make sure you take care of oil changes and any mechanical issues that could arise during the inspection such as damaged suspension parts or brake pads.

If there are any lingering issues with the vehicle’s engine such as loud noises or poor acceleration, make sure those are addressed beforehand since these may be deal breakers for potential buyers if not resolved prior to listing your car for sale online.

Little Details: Don’t forget about little details that can help improve overall curb appeals like replacing chipped windshields or worn-out tires. Just these minor improvements can significantly increase the value of your car while also attracting more buyers who want a quality product in great condition at an affordable price range.

3. List Accurately

When you list your car on an auction site, it’s important to be as accurate as possible in your description. This will help buyers know exactly what they’re getting, and it will also help protect you from any potential disputes or problems. Here are a few tips to help make sure your listing is accurate:

  • Make sure to list all of the features of your car accurately, including any special equipment or modifications.
  • If your car has any defects, be sure to mention them in the listing.
  • Describe the condition of your car honestly and accurately.
  • List the mileage and history of the car accurately.
  • Include any photos that show the condition of the car.

4. Take Good Photo

High-quality photos can go a long way in making your car look more appealing, so take the time to make sure your photos are clear and accurate. Get as many angles and close-ups as possible!

5. Price It Right


Set an appropriate price for your car, taking into account its condition, features, and mileage. If you are flexible, state that in your listing as this can help attract buyers.

By following these tips, you will be on your way to selling your car quickly and easily on an auction site! Good luck!

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