Why Are Used Car Prices So High In The UK?

Written by Danny Collins
Last updated: September 21, 2023

If you live in the UK and the market for a used car, you may have noticed that used car prices seem to be higher than usual. You might be wondering why this is the case and if there is anything that you can do about it.

According to a recent study from CarTrader, the average price of a used car in the UK has risen by nearly 57% since 2019. This is largely due to increased demand, as more people are looking to buy second-hand cars due to the current economic climate. This article will cover why used car prices are so high in the UK.

What Make The Used Car Price So High?

As we mentioned, the main reason for the high prices of used cars is increased demand. But other factors have contributed to the situation. These include:

  • The pandemic: The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has impacted used car prices. This is because people are hesitant to buy new cars during economic uncertainty. As a result, we see more demand for used cars, which has driven up prices.
  • Brexit: Another factor that has played a role in the high prices of used cars is Brexit. Due to the country’s departure from the European Union (EU) has caused some uncertainty about the future, which has led to people investing in second-hand cars instead of new ones.
  • The electrical semiconductor shortage: A global shortage of semiconductors and chips has also contributed to the situation. This is because many new cars rely on these components, and the shortage has decreased the production of new cars. This, in turn, has increased demand for used cars.
  • Other global events such as the global recession caused by the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraina have also contributed to the high prices of used cars because it delays the production of new cars and people look for cheaper alternatives like used cars.

These factors have resulted in increased demand for used cars and higher prices.

When Will Used Car Prices Go Down?

It is difficult to say when used car prices will go down, as it depends on several factors. However, while there is no indication that the market will stabilise and prices will return to normal levels soon, experts anticipate that the current artificially high values will end.

The reasons that drove the recent price increases are still in place. In addition, other global events, such as the Ukraine conflict, may keep used prices artificially high for the foreseeable future. This is why it’s important to be as informed as possible when buying a used car to get the best deal. 

How To Find The Best Deal on a Used Car?

Even though used car prices are high, it doesn’t mean that you cant find a great deal. There are still some ways to find a good deal when buying a used car. Here are some tips:

Please do your research.

Knowing what you want before looking for a used car is important. This will help you narrow down your options and avoid being taken advantage of by a dealer. Also, don’t only look for information from one source, as this could be biased. Instead, try to get a realistic idea of what the car is worth by looking at multiple sources, such as online classifieds, dealer websites, and manufacturer websites.

Shop around

Once you know what kind of car you want, it’s time to start shopping around. Compare prices from dealers and private sellers to ensure you get the best deal possible. Understand that dealerships will usually have higher prices, but they may be more reliable and come with a warranty. On the other hand, private sellers are usually more negotiable, but their cars may not be as reliable.

Look for discounts and rebates.

There are often discounts and rebates available on used cars. For example, many dealers offer loyalty discount programs for returning customers. You can also check websites like Edmunds to see if there are any current rebates or incentives.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Regarding used cars, dealers and private sellers are usually open to negotiation. If you’re not comfortable negotiating, bring along a friend or family member who is. 

Be patient

Don’t make a hasty choice because you’re afraid prices will rise even more. If you take your time and find the perfect vehicle, you’ll be pleased with your purchase.

How To Select The Best Used Car

Now that you know how to get a good deal on a used car, it’s time to find the best-used car you are looking for. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Check the car mileage: One of the most important things to consider when buying a used car is the mileage. It will give you information on how much wear and tear the car has undergone.
  • Look for service history: Another important thing to check is the service history. The report will inform you if the used car has been well-maintained and if there have been any major problems in the past.
  • Run a car check: Before making a final decision, it’s a good idea to run a vehicle check on the used cars. This will give you information about the car’s history, such as any accidents or previous owners as well as an MOT check
  • Inspect the exterior and interior: Once you’ve narrowed your options, it’s time to take a closer look at the cars you’re interested in. First, inspect the exterior for any dents, scratches, or rust. Then, look at the interior to see any signs of wear and tear.
  • Test drive the car: Finally, don’t forget to test drive the car before making a purchase. 

After taking all of these tips into consideration, you should be able to find the perfect used car for your needs. With a little research, you can get a great deal on a used car you’ve been looking for. Don’t forget to use RegCarCheck to run a car check before your purchase. Good luck!

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